Burial of Arnoldo Chen Poou

GSP Annual Report: Historic Victories, but the Genocide Continues

Oxib' E (Mayan Calendar Year, February 21, 2015 - February 20, 2016) was a historic year in Guatemala as our partners played a lead role in winning victories that have not been achieved in the United States or most of the world.  Sustained protests and courageous prosecutors brought a President to prison; former slaved forced into sexual servitude faced down their violators and successfully achieved a landmark conviction; indigenous communities united to block roads and precent the government from burning down villages; and local, national and international pressure combined to win freedom for political prisoners.  Click here to read the entire report

Timoteo Chen is Free!

Timoteo Chen Tun

September 2, 2015: Thanks in part to supporters of the Guatemala Solidarity Project, former political prisoner Timoteo Chen Tun has been released after spending over a year in jail on false charges! Shortly after being released, an arrest warrant was ordered against Chen on a new set of false charges. Chen is a community leader and health worker who should be honored for his longstanding commitment to others. Instead he is targeted for organizing nonviolent action against the theft of indigenous lands by the company Hidro Santa Rita.