Legislative Action

Although no donations are used to support lobbying efforts, GSP activists are escalating our efforts to pressure US Congress on several important issues. Your support is key. Just by calling your members of Congress and requesting that their office meet with the GSP you can help make a difference. Or if you are coming to DC you can set up a meeting with you, the GSP and your member of Congress.

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Support for CICIG a Key Part of GSP Lobbying Efforts

CICIG, the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, has played a key role in the recent series of arrests and resignations of government officials. While not perfect, it is clearly the most independent judicial body in Guatemala. It stands apart from Guatemala’s blatantly corrupt judicial system and has repeatedly shown the ability to side with the truth instead of with the elite criminals who routinely buy judges. Military and business groups have fought hard to close the CICIG, which is in part funded by the US. With your help we will meet with dozens of members of Congress this year to assure that funding continues.

Other lobbying priorities include closing the School of the Americas and opposing arms shipments to the Guatemalan army. We are also opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade agreement proposed by Congressional Republicans, President Obama and their corporate sponsors. Guatemalans strongly opposed the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) with the US in 2006, but it was passed amidst intense repression. Our partners have seen the devastating consequences of CAFTA: increasing hunger, poverty, and concentration of wealth. Although TPP will less directly affect Guatemala, it will still give enormous power to the same corporate forces that are ravishing Guatemala, as well as advance the process of human caused climate change.